Pronoun and Kinds of Pronoun

                                    Pronoun is used in place of a noun

                                      KINDS OF PRONOUN
1. Personal pronoun:
              Personal pronoun is used in place of a person, place and thing.
subjective case             Objective case             Possessive case
Subject pronoun           Object pronoun           Possessive pronoun
he                                          him                              his
she                                         her                              her
it                                             its                               its
they                                       them                            their
we                                          us                               our
you                                       your                             yours
I                                             me                               my
e.g. He is a boy.( here "he" is used as a subject pronoun)
e.g. I saw him at the party.(him is used as an object pronoun here).
e.g. His eyes are red.(his is used as a possessive pronoun here)

        The doer of an action or state of being is called subject.
The verb predicator is called subject.

        The receiver of an action is called object.

2. Reciprocal Pronoun:
             It is used to show interchange of actions which means we have two subjects, but one action.
      (each other) (one another)
e.g. Laila and Majnu met at the airport each other.

3. Emphasizing pronoun:
             It is used at the beginning of sentence and attract full heed on the subject.
e.g. It was Musharraf, who declared war against terrorism.
e.g. It was me, who killed a dog.

4. Demonstrative pronoun:
              It is used to point out something or some one. the only demonstrative pronouns are (this, that, these, those).
e.g. This is our class
e.g.. That is your shirt.
e.g. Those are buffaloes.

5. Indefinite pronoun:
           Indefinite pronouns are those which come in place of indefinite place, person and things.
some one          anyone          no one
something         anything         nothing
some where      any where      no where

6. Reflexive pronoun:
          when subject and object is same person, its reflexive pronoun. we form reflexive pronoun by using personal pronoun+self or selves(prefixes).
e.g. She wrote the home work herself.
e.g they bought the house themselves.

7. Intensive pronoun:
            The subject and object is the same person and as well as same forming as reflexive pronoun, but in intensive pronoun we do (something) without the assist(help) of others.
e.g. The dog opened the door by itself.

8. Relative pronoun:
          Relative pronoun are those which refer to noun and pronoun.
who, whom (for person)
which (for things)
that (for both persons and things)
E.g. She is the girl who sweeps the class daily.  
e.g. She wears the dress, which comes from Japan.

9. Interrogative pronoun:
              Interrogative pronouns are those which ask question.
what, who, where, which, when.

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Active and Passive Voice

Active Voice and Passive Voice

Active Voice:

          It is the form of a verb whch shows that the subject performs an action.
For Example,
  1. Ali drives the car.
  2. She polished her shoes. 
Passive Voice:

         It is the form of a verb which shows that the subject receives an
 action or something is done to the subject.
For example,
  1. The car is driven by Ali.
  2. Her shoes were polished by her

CD's of D-Study

Cd's of D-STUDY Team will soon be available in the end of this year which will help the students. I'm not suggesting any academy! Self Study is the most important thing....

Academy Joining Tips for Entry Test

You may join any good academy for entry test prep. I'll suggest you to join star academy only for 40 days session and then study at home...
It is upto you what you do and what you prefer. Remember that studying at home is very important. Give time to self study. Join that academy
Which completes course in a very less time so that you may have enough time for self study!! And after that, rehersal tests are very imp.
I'm saying only for Entry Test Preperation. For general Board Exams, you don't need to join any academy. We'll start delivering lectures!!

General Presentation Tips

General Presentation Tips - p1 :: Make your paper very beautiful which should attract the examiner... Remember that in arts subjects, more
- p2 :: than 80% marks count for presentation. Here are some tips... 1- Draw a neat line after completing a question and start the next ques
- p3 :: from next line. 2- Always highlight the important words in your paper by a good marker. 3- Add some Marker Highlighted Quotations,
- p4 :: stanzaz, verses etc in you lengthy questions to gain marks. 4- Write moral of the story on a separate line with heading of Moral
- p5 :: 5- Always make new paragraphs in your short answers and lengthy answers to present a good look to the paper. 6- Never forget to do
- p6 :: anything without taking time limits into account. 7- Add a heading "Definition" under long questions and start it as ----"The way of
- p7 :: intercepting things...(whatever the definition may be) ---" Like this, it gives a very good look. 8- In numericals, write Data,
- p8 :: Calculations, Conclusion under separate headings. 9-Also you may use Calligraphy to make your paper neat and clean!! Good Luck!!


Today i m going to start grammar of English language right from the start. we will first of all discuss what is language? so it is explained below.
                1. The method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.

2. Any nonverbal method of expression or communication: "a language of gesture and facial expression.
                 Language is the source of communication between persons and things. Here the question arises whether the things use language? Of course, things do use their own language. the simple example is that of computer system where the communication exists between hardware and software and the required task is performed, so we can say that language is used among things as well.

Noun and Kinds of Noun

Noun is the name of a person, place and thing.
e.g. Ali, Jack, Pakistan, wall etc.
                          KINDS OF NOUN
1. Common noun:
                common noun is a noun which is not particular.
e.g  Professor(any professor, not particular one), Zaheer(any Zaheer)

2. Proper noun:
               Proper noun is the name of a particular person, place or thing.
e.g. Pakistan, Allama Iqbal, Shahid Afridi etc.

3. Collective noun:
               Collective noun is singular in shape, but plural in meaning.
e.g. Team, group, family, flock, swam, herd, cattle etc.

4. Material/ Concrete Noun:
                 Material or Concrete noun is a noun that can be touched physically(tangible).
e.g. Stone, chair, cell phone etc.

5. Abstract Noun:
               It is a noun that can not be touched physically. It is intangible noun, you can neither see nor touch it.
e.g. love, sadness, goodwill. respect, fame etc.  

6. Compound Noun:
              these kind of names are made up of more than one word.
e.g. Wall paper, laser printer, truck driver etc.

7. Countable noun:
            these nouns are used for the things which are countable and divisible.
e.g. man, planet, continent etc.

8. Un-countable noun:
           It is used for those things which are not countable and divisible.
e.g. water, milk, sand, sugar etc.

Word, Sentence and Classification of Sentence

                                     The combination of alphabits which gives logical meaning is called word.

                              A group of related words which gives complete sense is called sentence.
                                   CLASSIFICATION OF SENTENCE
     1. Assertive or Declarative:
                            It is used to make positive and negative statements, and it ends with a period of full stop.
e.g. She sweeps the room. (positive)
e.g. He can not use elevator(lift). (negative)

2. Interrogative sentence:
               It is used to ask question and it ends with a question mark.
e.g. Do you love me?

3. Imperative sentence:
               it is used to give command, ask for beg or to make suggestion.
e.g. Get lost. (command)
e.g. Would you mind opening the window, please. (suggestion)
e.g. Please give me a penny by the name of ALLAH. (asking for beg)

4. Exclamatory sentence:
                it is used to show the sudden high feeling, emotion and attitude. It ends with exclamation mark(!).
e.g. Houch! I broke my leg.
e.g. Oh God! save him.
e.g. Wow! we won the game.

5. Optative sentence:
             It is used to show hope and wish.
e.g. Tariq wishes he were a girl.
e.g. I wish I had 100 million dollars.
e.g. She wishes she could fix a car.

Best Guides for Matric Students

Regarding Matric, Chemistry Guide by Ghulam Rasul and Sons (Prof. Liaqat) is best. Sir Liaqat was my teacher. Biology - Pilot Super one by
Sir Nadeem Iqbal Awan is best. Sir Nadeem was my best teacher. Physics - of Majeed Sons is best. These guides will be very helpful for you.
For Urdu B, Parwaaz e Shaheen is a good book

Best Guides for INTER Students

Best guides for Chemistry, Biology and Physics are that of ILMI.

Regarding English - Dogar and Sunshine.

Regarding Urdu - Ma'wan-e-Adab.

Hydrophobic Bond + Mass Spectrometer

Hydrophobic Bond is an Organic Natured Bond.. m/e is plotted at x-axis and relative number of ions at y-axis.m/e =H2 r / E (Correct Formula)

Null Vector

A vector having zero magnitude and arbitrary direction (no particular direction) is called null vector. e.g. A+(-A)=O (null vector)

Artificial Gravity

Artificial gravity is gravity produced artificially i.e.In space crafts,lack of gravity doesn't allow astronauts to work thus it is produced

Resistance Colour Codes

In Resistance Colour Code, after Black,Brown, it's the opposite of VIBGYOR (Rainbow Acronym) so start may be Big.B and end may be Gray wine.

How To Write Letter In Exams??

Letter Writing - p1 :: Skeleton of a Letter - Examination Hall, City A.B.C. April 22,2011. Dear ....... Ending must be like that,
- p2 :: Yours Sincerely (In case of Friends) X.Y.Z. - In case of family member, write "Yours Faithfully". In case of Editors, Jobs write
- p3 :: Yours Truly... The middle portion is the body. Starting and ending have 2+2 marks and body has 6 marks. Body may start from "How are
- p4 :: you? I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits... (But not in case of death or bad health condition) mostly,
- p5 :: informal letters come in exam e.g. Letter to friend, brother, father, sister, mother!! You may get 10/10 marks in a letter easily!

Pakistan Studies Questions

In Pakistan Studies, M.C.Qs,  Long Questions and Short Questions come from exercise! Imp Essays - I've already told. You may check from our blog. Thanks!

Best Time To Study

Early in the morning and evening are the best times for study. But some students prefer late night study! Choose according to your nature!

How To Study ????

How To Study - p1 :: First of all choose a best study place required only and only for studies. Assume it to be your office and books to be
- p2 :: your files! Now make a good schedule that may work for you. Remember: You have 168 hours per week. 30 - 50 hours are wasted due to
- p3 :: lack of scheduling. So, schedule your time. Make a TO DO DIARY and fill it daily either in the morning or at night. Don't write like
- p4 :: 3 - 4: Study chemistry. It's useless. Write as: "3 - 4 : chem chapter 8." It'll be very helpful. Also make a weekly schedule as well
- p5 :: Leave some spaces for sudden works which may be used to do any work. Remember: "BORROW TIME, DON'T STEAL IT". If you give your study
- p6 :: time to some other activity,you borrowed your study time. It is your duty to give back the time to study some other time when you're
- p7 :: free. Always be sincere to yourself. Now calculate the number of days, number of chapters and find the number of chapters of each
- p8 :: subject to be done each day and then make a Master Schedule. Divide huge work into small chunks e.g. Instead of one chapter, you may
- p9 :: write 3 - 3:30 : 6 pages of chapter 8 etc. Hope you understood. Now concentration is most important. Your study environment must not
- p10 :: be so hot otherwise you'll feel sleepy and not too cold otherwise you'll be distracted to other things. If you have problem in
- p11 :: concentrating,just write you distraction from your mind down on the paper!It will help you get rid of your distractions and keeping
- p12 :: concentration. First find out the time when you study most effectively. It may be early in the morning, at night or after 2:00 a.m.

Important Topics Of 1st Year Physics for Board Exams

Important Topics Of 1st Year Physics - p1 :: -Vector + Scalor Product -Interconversion of P.E and K.E -T.E of mass attached to a spring -
- p2 :: Michelson's Interferometer -Pressure proportional to K.E -Law of conservation of Linear Momentum -Absolute P.E -Simple Pendulum
- p3 :: -Diffraction grating -Cp - Cv = R -Work done in Gravitational Field -Young's Double Slit Experiment -Petrol + Diesel Engine -
- p4 :: Centripetal Force -Speed of sound in Air -Carnot Engine -Artificial Gravity -Microscopes -Projectile Motion -Entropy -Beats
- p5 :: Stationary Waves -Telescope -Terminal Velocity + Stoke's Law -Bernoulli's Equation (InshaALLAH Long Questions will be from them)

Important Topics Of 2nd Year Physics Board Exams

Important Topics Of 2nd Year Physics - p1 :: Resistivity + Conductivity -Solenoid -Strain Energy in Deformed materials -Rectification -
- p2 :: X-rays -Gauss's Law + Electric Field Intensity -Series + Parallel resonace circuit -Heisenberg Uncertainity Principle -LASER -
- p3 :: Lorentz Force -Photoelectric + Compton Effect -Wilson Cloud Chamber -Millikan's Method -Semi-conductors -Special Theory of
- p4 :: relativity -radii expression -Photo diode -Energy stored in an Inductor -Capacitance -Charge to mass ratio -A.C through capacitor
- p5 :: Lenz's + Faraday's Law -Transformer -Torque -Galvanometer -Mutual Induction -Mass Spectrograph -Black body Radiation -Amplifier

Method Of Finding Electronic Configuration ::

Method Of Finding Electronic Configuration when you are given the atomic number:: It is very easy. Just you have to memorize an old acronym
"School School, Public School,Public School, Divisional Public School, Divisional Public School, Federal Divisional Public School" and so on
So now you can easily remember... "1s, 2s, 2p, 3s, 3p, 4s, 3d, 4p, 5s, 4d, 5p, 6s, 4f, 5d, 6p, 7s"... I hope that will be easy for you!!

MCAT Entry Test 2011

Date of MCAT Entry Test 2011 to be announced is 13th September, 2011.

The marking will be according to 50,40,10

Seats for Punjab will be 3205

Important Topics Of Chemistry 2nd year as Guess

Important Topics Of Chemistry 2nd year - p1 :: -Down's Cell -Peculiar Behaviours -Cracking + Reforming -Reactions Of Alkyl Halides
p2 :: -Ether -Alcohols -Grignard Reagents -Benzene -Amino Acid -Acid Rain + Smog + Ozone -Corrosion -Carbohydrates + Proteins + Lipids 
- p3 :: -Bleaching Powder -Bleaching Process -Reactions of Acetic Acid + Nitric Acid -Isomerism -SN1, SN2 reactions -E1, E2 reactions
- p4 :: -Alkanes + Alkenes + Alkynes -Solid Waste Management -Fertilizers -Hybridization -Phenol -Acetaldehyde Reactions -Alkylation + 
- p5 :: Acylation -Purification of water -Enzymes -Haloform Reaction -Aldol Condensation + Cannizzaro's Reactions -Ionization Energy (END)

Important Topics Of Chemistry 1st year as Guess

Important Topics Of Chemistry 1st year - p1 :: -NUMERICALS OF CHAPTER 1, 3, 7, 8 -Mass spectrometer -Solids -Dipole Moment + Bond Energy
- p2 :: Law of Thermodynamics -Bohr's Atomic Model -Electrode Potential -Colligative Properties -Catalysis + Enzymes -Manometric Method
- p3 :: -Molecular Orbital + VSEPR theory -qv=delta E + qp=delta H -Electrolysis of NaCl -Order of Reaction + Rate of Reaction -Empirical
- p4 :: formula + calculation -Liquid crystals -Hess's Law + Born Haber Cycle -Hybridization -Raoult's Law -Calorimeters -Cathode rays 
: - p5 :: -Electronegativity + I.E + E.A -Arrhenius Equation -Bonds -Balancing Equations -Dalton's Law -Hydrogen Bonding -Graham's Law

Date Sheet for F.A 1st year Punjab Boards::

Date Sheet for F.A (1st year):: 28/5 Urdu 30/5 English 01/6 Punjabi 04/6 Islamyat 06/6 Education 07/6 Economi

Date Sheet for F.A 2nd year Punjab Boards::

- Date Sheet for F.A (2nd year):: 09/5 Ecnomics 16/5 English 18/5 Urdu 19/5 Education 20/5 Pak.Studs 21/5 Panjabi

Date Sheet for I.Com 2nd year Punjab Boards::

I.COM Part 2: 13-5 Fri Com.Stu 14-5 Sat Accounting 16-5 Mon English 18-5 Wed Urdu 19-5 Thur Com.Geo 20-5 Fri Pak.Stu 21-5 Sat Bus.Stat

Date Sheet for I.Com 1st year Punjab Boards::

I.COM (Part 1): 25-5 Wed Accounting 28-5 Sat Urdu 30-5 Mon English 1-6 Wed Commerce 4-6 Sat Islamiyat 6-6 Mon Economics 8-6 Wed B.Math

Date Sheet for 1st year Punjab Boards::

F.Sc (Part 1) Date Sheet:: 26-5 Thu Chemistry 28-5 Sat Urdu 30-5 Mon English 2-6 Thu Math/Bio 4-6 Sat Islamiyat 7-6 Tue Physics

Date Sheet for 2nd year Punjab Boards::

F.SC (Part 2) Date Sheet:: 9-5 Mon Physics 12-5 Thu Chemistry 16-5 Mon English 18-5 Wed Urdu 20-5 Fri Pak.St. 23-5 Mon Math/Bio

Essay writing for Board Toppers ::

p15 :: Ending is basically Conclusion (Result, Outcome) of the say! Conclude your whole essay in 1 - 2 paragraphs in suitable words...
p16 :: NOTE: -An essay should be 4 to 6 pages long. - Write essay in the end of paper. - Complete your essay in 20 - 30 minutes...Not More
p17 :: Imp Essays -My Aim in Life -Quaid-e-Azam -Allama Iqbal -Life In a City -My Last Day in College -My Hobby -Technical Education
p18 :: -Co-education -Democracy -Favourite Book, Hero -Fashions -Village Life...!! ==One Essay starting with "MY" comes mostly.
Any Questions About The Lecture?? I'll answer questions about Essay Writing today! Please tell me your questions. Thanx.

How to Write Topper's Essay to get maximum marks ....

p8 :: poem, Quran as well... Now Start the essay making a Paragraph... First 2 - 3 paragraphs should be Starting/Beginning which is infact
p9 :: introduction of the topic. In urdu we say - "Tamheed". It Must be of best wording and presentable writing as examiner just reads the
p10 :: beginning and ending commonly. So use wonderful wording... Try to go from general to specific i.e. From general ideas to topic...
p11 :: Now From another paragraph, start the body of essay. It may be of 3 pages. Write as much as you can being relevant to the topic!
p12 :: Also Add many Quotations. Generally a quotation after two paragraphs. One paragraph may be of approximately "7" Lines. Please note
p13 :: that Examiner will only read Quotations from Body Section. So Quotations must be relevant and beautifully presented..! Now its time
p14 :: to end the essay by writing last two paragraphs of ending. It should also contain very suitable words. A quotation also if possible

Essay Writing for INTER :::

Essay Writing p1 :: An essay is the kind of free writing, expressing views about a topic. Following are the major parts of INTER and MATRIC
p2:: best Topper's Essay... 1- Outline 2- Quotation 3- Starting 4- Body 5- Ending... Now we will discuss every component. 1- Outline::
p3 :: First Of all, write the name of essay, then give the heading OUTLINE and write few (6,7) points of essay you are going to write
p4 :: e.g. If you are writing MY AIM IN LIFE, Its outline may be, - Introduction - Different Aims - My Aim In Life - Reason For My Aim
p5 :: - Teaching--Best Profession - Conclusion. Hope you all understood. First point can be Introduction and Last can be Conclusion...
p6 :: After writing Outline, Give a headline of ESSAY: Now write a wonderful and best quotation relevant to topic. The quotation should be 
p7 :: in the centre of Page. E.g. "The Ambition if reached or not, makes great the life" (Robert Browning). You may write few verses of a

How To Memorize Periodic Table Elements ...

How To Memorize Important Elements Of Periodic Table- p1 :: It seems difficult to memorize elements along with their positions... Here are
p2 :: some tips to memorize them!! Group IA (Alkali Metals) :: HaaLi Nay Ki Rab Se Fariad... (H, Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr). Now it will be
p3 :: very easy to memorize them when whole group is required to write. Similarly, Group IIA (Alkaline Earth Metals) BegaM Ca Sar BhaRa...
p4 :: (Be Mg Ca Sr Ba Ra)... Now group IIIA: BaAl Gira In Terris (B, Al, Ga, In, Tl)... Group IV A:: Kal Se Ghar Soona Paya (C, Si, Ge, Sn
p5 :: Pb) Group VA: National Pakistan Anthem Sab Bolo. (N, P, As, Sb, Bi) Group VIA: Os Se Tea pack Lo. (O, S, Se, Te, Po) Group VIIA: (next)
p6 :: Fan Cool Breeze In At me... (F, Cl, Br, I, At) It is also, Fan Chalao Bri Intense Heat... (F, Cl, Br, I, At). Group VIIIA ka koi 
p7 :: acronym nahe but you can make... Now Periods! Period 2: Listen BBC News On Friday Night... (Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F, Ne). Period 3
p8 :: Nation May Also Sign Peace Security Clause Anytime. (Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, Ar)... I have completed important Element's Acronyms
p9 :: group and period wise. Now there must be no difficulty in memorizing these simple daily life sentences as acronyms for the elements.

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